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April 24, 2014

The Reunion date is only a few months away!

Are you getting as excited as we are?


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Mary Jo Deschene on May 9, 2014 4:42 PM
I put a message on, facebook and sent emails to everyone I had an email for.  Please let anyone you know of about this we can have a great reunion!!

Mary Jo Deschene on May 10, 2014 1:05 PM
In trying to contact all people from our class, the following names were not contacted.  Either the letters came back return to sender or I could not find an address.  If you know them and could contact them, we would appreciate it.
Douglas Anderson  
Bruce Atkins  
Greg Boyum  
Deborah Brandt Hammond
Loren Brouellette  
Donna Carlson  
Rita Carlson Hughes
Rose Carlson  
Joann Collins  
Sandra Curtis Anderson
Daniel Dietrich  
Susan Droogsma Kragt
Cathy Erickson clawson-Arigoni
Gregory Erickson  
Suzanna Erickson  
Terri Erickson  
Connie Fait  
Jeanne Fisher  
John Frid  
Rick Gerard  
Jay Gilbertson  
Amelia Gleason Christie
Blake Goldenstein  
Jerry Green  
Robin Groess  
Timothy Hahn  
Patricia Hamm  
Karen Harmon  
David Haskin  
Suann Hershey Sheldon
Sheila Hickey  
Paul Hitchcock  
James Holmquist  
Donald Holmstrom  
Susan Holt  
Ellyn Hosch  
Sueann Ives Rahn
Michael Jacobs  
Debra Jensen  
Deborah Johnson Lavelle
Kim  Kilbury Andrews
Rose Marie Klersy  
Barbara Kramer Ochao
Roxanne Krueger  
Richard Landborg  
Brenda Landowski Goodin
Randall Lane  
Kimberly Leeb  
Mary Lemontagne  
James Long  
Joseph Long  
Roger Lowe  
Ronald MacDonald  
David Mangels  
Timothy Marotte  
Deborah Martin  
Mark McChesney  
Ross McCrady  
Richard McCullough  
Kim Michaud  
Terrance Miller  
Bruce Miller  
MIchael Miller  
Pam  Miller sommer
Debra Moos  
Gloria Muehlbauer Orth
James Murphy  
Pamela Murphy  
Sandra Nettleton Murphy-Pinson
Dan  Ohman  
Michael Olson  
Deborah Petersen  
Vicki Pieri  
Paul Reynolds  
James Reynolds  
Susan Schultz Kostick
Arthur Schumacher  
Peggy Senn Shariati
Michael Shelton  
Shari Simonson  
David J Sorenson  
Michael Steffen  
Gregory Stores  
Jo Strand  
Alan Swedeen  
Susan Theiss  
Deborah Torkelson Deschenes
Oscar Villanueva  
Cynthia Walton Evans
Curt Werner  
Lynnette Wilson Higgins
Susan Wilson  

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